Electrical Engineer - Partner

Graduated in Electrical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 1997, he was admitted to the Order of Engineers of Lecco in 2000.


He works with Giancarlo Cerveglieri and Gianluca Melzi  since 1999, first with the task of junior designer to the current role of prime contractor, project manager, works manager and structural test expert.

Its activity is focused on electrical and special systems plant for civil, commercial, industrial, hospital and public tenders.

He is distinguished by his organizational and coordination skills, and orientation to problem solving.


In "Techso Engineering sagl" in addition to being a founding member, he works as Senior Project Manager for the electrical industry, offering its experience in the roles of work director and test equipment and also offering in-depth knowledge of various electrical and special systems related to service activities in civil, commercial, industrial and hospital areas.