Merate - Italy

LOCATION: Merate - Lecco

DATE: Construction 2011-2012

WORKS AMOUNT: Euro 2,300,000.00

DIMENSIONS: Total gross about mc. 16,000

CLIENT: Company Valagussa LTD - Merate (LC)


The project concerns the calculation and preparation of structural design and construction management for the construction of facilities in work related to an industrial building that has a pillar structure, tiles and curtain walls in prefabricated panels.

The foundations designed footings are constituted by glass reinforced concrete cast in situ, to the side by the variable m. To 3.40 m. 4.10 and a height of cm. 80, for the insertion of prefabricated pillars. Among the perimeter plinths are made beams port connection panel in reinforced concrete, on which are set the panels prefabricated infill.

It was also designed a steel frame for connecting the ground floor with a mezzanine floor portion of collaborating in steel and concrete.

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