Colle Brianza - Italy

LOCATION:  Colle Brianza - Lecco

DATE:  2011-Construction in progress

WORKS AMOUNT:  Euro 3,000,000.00

DIMENSIONS:  Total gross about mc. 6,500

CLIENT:  Sangalli Construction LTD - Coccaglio (BS)


The complex in question consists of a semi-detached and 6 detached houses. All buildings consist of a basement used as garages and utility rooms and two floors, plus attic is not habitable.

The structures are designed in reinforced concrete, in frames / bracing, with pillars, seven seismic and beams. Foundations are made by structures of grade slabs, beamed backward stiffening. The floors are prefabricated predalles slabs and roofs are pitched, wooden.

The company deals with the calculation and preparation of structural design and construction supervision for the construction of the entire complex.

The facilities are earthquake-resistant under D.M. 14/01/2008 (Technical Standards for Construction).

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