Albese con Cassano - Italy

LOCATION:  Albese con Cassano - Como

DATE:  Construction 2014 - ongoing

WORK AMOUNT:  Euro 2,000,000.00

DIMENSIONS:  Total gross about mc. 4,000

CLIENT:  Cantaluppi Realty Ltd. - Como (CO)


The house in question, distributed with volume articulated, consists of basement, ground floor and first floor. On the ground floor there is also an outdoor pool with its local service.

The structure is designed mainly concrete, in frames / bracing, with pillars, seven seismic and beams; there are also structural members made of steel and wood. The foundations are still reversed beams. The floors are prefabricated slabs predalles, brick and concrete and corrugated steel with composite casting. There are also beams of type "REP", self-supporting composite steel-concrete. The company deals with calculation and drafting of the structural design of the building of luxury.

The structure is earthquake resistant under D.M. 14/01/2008 (Technical Standards for Construction).